eApeiron Gadget


With KEK Associates Inc.

A compact security device designed to work with a smart phone. The eApeiron Gadget helps prevent product counterfeiting and product diversion based on visible, invisible + forensically undetectable materials.

With the need to future-proof their product, both USB C and Micro USB connectors are on Gadget. The challenge was to develop a slick design to allow access to either port while hiding the other. To achieve this, a rotationally symmetric enclosure was designed with a cap that completes the form regardless of which port is being used. Magnets hold the cap to the assembly screws, eliminating the need for pulls in the tooling or additional parts.

Infrared LEDs are shielded behind a translucent inlay around the lens assembly. Hiding these LEDs alleviates customer concerns that the LEDs are “not functioning” while emitting wavelengths outside the visible spectrum.

A secondary effort was undertaken to protect the lens while not in use. An array of solutions were designed, from a fabric bag, to soft durometer rubber sleeves, to soft-shell cases.