2016 - 2018

Produced, animated, and edited informational videos and product showcases for a global OLED lighting company. Modeled and rendered beauty and in-situation images. 


Oves Chair

Summer 2014

Designed and crafted in Copenhagen, this low-sitting chair provides many sitting positions and a friendly demeanor. Drapes of felt can be used to store favorite magazines.

everest Backpack

Spring 2015

A robust travel backpack for extended trips, gear-heavy adventures, and air travel, the Everest is a versatile, easy-loading bag. The main body stores clothes and gear for the destination while quick-access pockets carry everything needed for the journey. 

Hanging Facades

Winter 2014

This series of hanging closet organizers allow for private storage in the college dorm room. Multiples side-by-side create city blocks in a closet for whatever you might need out of sight.

brændt Firepit

Spring 2014

With an inviting form and low profile, Brændt Firepit is a domestic centerpiece for socializing, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the night with family. The outer ring functions as both a carry handle and a safety guard. 


Spring 2014

Made with cutoffs from the Brændt Firepit, these giant clothespins are playful and functional. Clip magazines, recipes in the kitchen, or photos for easy, beautiful viewing and display.

Paper Boat

Summer 2015

As paper becomes more obsolete, the pieces of paper we keep are increasingly important. Paper Boat is a playful, nautical paper storage and display system for the home. 

CAD Sampler

2012 - 2015

Various examples of CAD drawings, renderings, and other illustrative applications. Primarily Solidworks 2014, Keyshot 5, Adobe Illustrator, and PhotoView360.