VIRO Rides Street Drifters



With KEK Associates Inc.

“Experience the intense carving action of VIRO Rides street drifters. These freestyle sideways skates combine skateboarding and inline skating into one, delivering an all new kind of adrenaline rush. Stay outside the lines with street drifters."

Drift skates are Tasked with developing an intuitive way to learn how to ride drift skates, a series of robust prototypes were fabricated to test various mechanical solutions. Aimed at a wide range of ages, Street Drifters needed to be adjustable to match shoulder widths from nine years old to adulthood. To ease the learning curve on drift skates, a modular system was developed for incremental difficulty.

Our prototypes allowed for a wide range of testing: centering spring tension could be adjusted, training wheel height could be fine tuned, rotational gearing between foot pads could be engaged.

Through four rounds of kid testing at MGA Entertainment, we honed the mechanical design of Street Drifters into effecting learning aid for the very unintuitive body motion of riding drift skates.